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Town And County was established in 1908 and started trading in 1911.  T&C is most often recognised in the Northeast for its history in the sales of new and used vehicles, through its franchised dealership networks, over the decades. Less well-known, but equally important has been its successful involvement in BP and Shell branded Service Stations and the acquisition, development and management of commercial property.  In addition it has been involved in the provision of advice and finance to start-up and “troubled” companies and, in recent years, the outright purchase of Aberdeen 4x4 Self Drive and Autospray (Aberdeen) limited; both of which were saved from closure.

Going forward, the aim of Town & County is to establish itself as a mini-conglomerate concentrating on the “turning around” of distressed businesses, investing in promising start-ups and building a diverse, but interconnected, collection of successful locally-managed firms from all sectors.

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